What age do you have to be to ride the Cinderella Limo™?

We cater to any age, 7 years and above. Unfortunately, due to government regulations concerning child restraints and seatbelts, children below the age of 7 are not allowed to ride in the Cinderella Limo™. However – the littlies are more than welcome to come aboard and look around when and while the Limo isn’t moving so by all means invite them to attend your departure or arrival!

Is there a maximum age? No! But all passengers need to be able to manoeuvre the short step between the floor of the vehicle and the ground when entering and exiting the Cinderella Limo™.

How many people can ride in the Cinderella Limo™?

The Cinderella Limo™ is outfitted with six seatbelts, so our maximum capacity is set at six. A seventh passenger may be seated along with the driver in the front of the vehicle. And as in the case of children under the age of fifteen, we request that a parent or guardian accompany the driver for the journey.

Can we bring our own music or DVDs?

Yes. Our Limo is equipped with an iPod auxiliary point, so you can make your own playlist and have all your own music! You are also welcome to bring any CDs or DVDs to play.

Our Power-Operated Equipment

Our Cinderella Limo™ is fully equipped with a quality TV system and accompanying high-tech sound which undergo rigorous routine maintenance to ensure it is always in top working condition – but we are not responsible for any temporary on-the-road loss of transmission which may occur while travelling.

Can we bring our own alcohol?

Yes you can. Please note that all alcohol must be pre packaged in a bottle or can and not free-poured in a glass. Champagne for weddings and special events is the exception.  We do, however, uphold a strict policy of absolutely no alcohol consumption for anyone aged under 18 years due to federal law.

To avoid a cleaning fee please:
*Remove all rubbish before exiting the limo
*Avoid spillage.

If the limo needs to be professionally cleaned at the end of your hire you will be charged accordingly.

Can you pick up from a house \ hotel and take us to a restaurant?

Sure! We can include up to two pick-up points in the trip and take you anywhere you would like to go. Please note though that a booking is a minimum of an hour and the hourly rates apply if you go over time.

Could you just drive us around town or take us Melbourne sightseeing ?

Of course! Please allow a minimum of 2 hours for leisure bookings – you and your party will need time to stop, take photos and look around. (Please note that anytime after the agreed booking time will be billed as over time.)

Travel times may be affected by weather, road works, traffic and those pesky unforeseen circumstances, so make sure you book enough time to enjoy your trip!

Can we bring food on the Cinderella Limo™?

Unfortunately, we do not allow the consumption of food in our Limo except for the inclusions provided with the Packages. If you have cake, cheese platters, etc. that you would like to consume during your journey, speak to your driver and he will be most happy to arrange a break spot where you and your party can stretch your legs and have a bite to eat before hopping back on board! (Please note extra charges apply at the hourly rates should you go over your booked time.)

Baby Seats and Booster Seats

Baby Seats and Booster Seats are not required in our limo in the same way they are not required in other forms of public transport such as buses and taxis. In the event you do require a Baby Seat or Booster Seat, they can be supplied at an additional fee of $15 each per transfer. Please advise at the time of booking if you require a baby or booster seat.

Waiting Time

We understand that, at times, you may be running a little late; We allow a 15 minute grace period from your scheduled pickup time.  However , in the event that you exceed the 15 minutes waiting time, additional charges will apply in 15 minute increments, commencing from your scheduled pick up time.  This charge is based on the standard hourly rate of the booked vehicle.

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